Entry Tracking

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Entry Tracking


Entry Tracking is a combination COVID-19 entry form and back end CRM built specifically for grade schools where a parent or guardian drops off their child at the school and later picks them back up.

The CRM allows the school officials to configure the parents/guardians and students, and setup programs to identify when the parent can submit an entry form, and what times the day starts and ends for the student.

For parents or guardians, the system provides a personal link to access and complete the entry form for their child or children.  When submitted, the form will notify the parent to keep their child at home if they have symptoms, or indicate that they should proceed to drop off the child at the school.

Once the parent reaches the school, the school official accepting the child will be able to take their temperature, and confirm the child’s symptoms and either admit or deny entry as appropriate.

Upon leaving the school, the school official can identify the parent or guardian that picked up the student, and this also allows for the tracking of any late pickups for billing purposes.