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My Client Schedule


My Client Schedule is an online CRM application businesses can use to schedule appointments and receive payments from patients or clients. It has a number of great features that will create efficiencies in your operations while saving you time and money. They include

  • Easy Access, Setup & Scheduling: Once set up you can access your schedule anytime, anywhere, from one easy-to-navigate platform. You’ll also be able to merge client records, transfer client lists and view patient balances by practitioner, among other tasks.
  • Streamlined Transactions: It’s easy to perform transactions and record multiple payments for a single appointment. You can also apply discounts to products or services, separate purchase receipts and allow clients to pay in advance.
  • User-Friendly Service Configuration: Easily customizable, you can add services and duration times, allow multiple users to book a single time slot, as well as offer additional paid services that can be added to a booked time slot. Users can adjust service costs and fees from the appointment screen as well.
  • Configure Products & Manage Inventory Counts: You can configure discount codes for services and product purchases, separate receipts for appointment and product purchases, and view your product stock history.
  • Extensive Support: Our online scheduling software comes equipped with email and phone support, live chat and online support, as well as FAQ and help documentation.

Visit myclientschedule.com for more information and to start your free trial.