2FA for Alpha v11 and v12

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2FA for Alpha v11 and v12

We have written a library that will allow you to enable 2FA on your logins. So far we have tested this for Alpha v11, v12 and non-alpha languages (.NET and ReactJS)
The library is coded to your company name and application and has 2 possible configurations.

  1. Have your users receive a SMS message to their phone with an authentication code that is valid for 30 seconds.
  2. Have your users scan a QR code on their smart device in Authy, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator and when they login, they must enter the authorization code from their smart device to login.

In both instances, there is some configuration work required – modifications to your existing application and database.
For option #2, there are additional modifications above the option #1 modifications that are required to expose the QR Code to the user to add to their smart device authenticator app.
If you decide to force 2FA on next login with their user/password, we pop-up a QR code screen with the request to enter the access code – which then enables the 2FA for future logins – and only requests their access code.
For option #1, in order to send SMS messages an external service is required – we are using Plivo.com – and we can either help you setup your own Plivo account for sending SMS messages.

The Importance of 2FA

It has never been more important for your business to utilize two-factor authentication (2FA).

Alpha Software is a legacy platform running on the Windows operating system. Servers running Alpha are exposed to numerous risks. These risks, which have plagued the Windows platform for years, include data leaks, RDP attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities, are more. Plus, many who run Alpha software also run an older, and potentially end of life version of Windows.

It is imperative that your Alpha application remains protected from malicious actors.

By incorporating 2FA, any individual wanting to access your application would need to receive a unique one-time code to their phone (SMS). Without access to your phone, an introducer wouldn’t be allowed in, even if they have your correct password.

Using 2FA is Easy

2FA is incredibly easy to use once it is initially setup. Once setup, your client would access their Alpha Anywhere application as normal. Once they put in their username and password, they would be prompted to enter the code sent to their phone. If the code is correct, and entered in time, they will be granted access.

REA Will Help You Configure 2FA for Alpha

2FA for Alpha Anywhere was developer by the talented developers at REA inc. We know the ins and outs and will work with you and your team to make sure Alpha is security protected by 2FA. We can work with your schedule to make sure you have a full understanding on how to implement and utilize 2FA for Alpha.