REVIZIT is a high-level project management tool that allows you to assign tasks to employees and track their progress. It allows staff to enter timesheets against specific tasks, giving management the ability to see the number of hours worked per task/project. It also summarizes staff hours for payroll and attendance tracking.

For staff, it gives them a dashboard showing hours worked for the week/year and provides them with details on vacation/time off remaining (staff can also use the tool to request time off, that can be approved by Managers). Timesheet entries can be exported to create detailed invoices for each project and client.

Benefits of Tracking Employee Performance

Have you considered how tracking specific employee tasks can improve you businesses’ profitability?

Many businesses do not sell physical products. Instead, they offer services where the primary business expense is payroll. REVIZIT lets your business track how much time is spent on tasks so you can calculate your true margin and profitability for servicing customers. 

If your business isn’t currently tracking hours spent working on projects, how do you know how profitable actives really are?

Tracking will enhance profitability by letting you understand true margins then calculating what tasks bring the most profit.

Stay Organized and Consolidate Services

REVIZIT includes features offered from various premium business softwares such. Features like managing payroll, tracking hours, monitoring calendars, recording vacation time, and tracking task pipelines can all be accomplished with a subscription to REVIZIT.

One View for Management Another for Employees

Both employees and management will find REVIZIT simplifies their organization. Employees can record time spent on tasks, schedule vacation, view internal calendars and more. 

Management on the other hand will receive a separate view allowing them to manage employees and record progress. Letting management work directly with employees to create more efficiency in the organization.

Coaching and Improvement

You employees are an investment and you want to make sure they are growing and thriving in their roll. By tracking how much time is spend on tasks, REVIZIT will allow you to track and coach them to make sure they are not spending too much, or too little time on specific tasks.

Plus, REVIZIT recording individual tasks means that you can see if there are discrepancies depending on the type of work being done. So that if there is room for improvement with certain skills, you have the numbers to record improvement.



  • management/employee views 
  • Payroll hours tracking
  • Specific task tracking
  • Detailed note taking
  • Easy to follow CRM-like interface
  • Detailed employee contact information
  • Calendar
  • Vacation tracking