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Our services make your business life easier. We create, test and program applications for computers, mobile phones, and other types of electronic devices in the operating system that best meets your needs (e.g. Android, iOS or Windows). We also provide training/mentoring on specific programming, case management software and software to build web applications.

App Development

Demand for applications to perform specific business tasks is increasing in step with the advancing embrace of technology to simplify day-to-day operations while creating efficiencies.

Our highly trained programmers have extensive knowledge of, and experience with the spectrum of programming languages. This allows us to work with you to define the project requirements that best meet your needs and budget. It also accounts for our high client retention rate (approximately 99%).

Projects are monitored by senior staff and assigned to our on-site developers. As the application is built, we publish the application to a site for review and testing. When a phase is complete and can be published to a production server, we work with you to schedule, publish and test each phase. 


Not every company has the internal experience necessary to efficiently navigate a particular program, nor a readily available resource when needed. As such, we provide specific programming training on AlphaSoftware™, C#/VB.NET, and more.

We work with clients on an hourly basis through one-to-one sessions using remote meeting software. We can help you program or write code and explain what is being done.  Our clients appreciate that we can help them over a hump with code that they can reuse or review later.

If you have a specific task but do not have time to write the logic, we can build a solution for you, then spend time walking you through the code line-by-line to make sure you understand what was done.


The SUSTAIN – Case Management System™ is a desktop software that is used by a number of courts and law agencies in North America. One of its most important customizable features is the ease with which we can build solutions/integrations with other systems.

We currently work with five counties in the state of Illinois to implement their mandated eFile project with Tyler Technologies.  In addition, we’ve written a service that receives filings from the eFile software and automatically inserts the information into the court’s CMS system.

Alpha Software™

Alpha Software is a rapid application development software tool we’ve been developing and enhancing systems with since 2009. It allows us to build web applications for our clients quickly and efficiently.  If you’re looking for a company with multiple developers that can support you with the initial project development through to maintenance and support of your systems, or through mentoring, we can help.