I have known and used Earl for over 10 years and he is extremely knowledgeable with Alpha Software. He has always been quick to respond, very easy to talk with and is very reasonable.

I highly recommend him and his people at REA Inc., if you have an issue that you can’t solve or maybe you’re wanting a complete new project.

Tony Watts

Owner, Watts Tractors

Our clients often ask us to refer them to a developer that can either assist with managing their existing application, or redeveloping their legacy application so that it is coded for a modern, scalable platform. For years, we’ve recommended our clients seek web app development services from REA inc. The repeated excellent experiences our clients have had with REA has led us to always mention REA first whenever our clients need a developer. REA’s strong communication between our cloud team, our customers, and themselves means all parties are constantly in sync, minimizing frustration, downtime, and cost.To our knowledge, there isn’t a better web application developer based out of Canada.

Clive Swanepoel

Founder and CEO, ZebraHost

We have been working with REA since 2015. They have been a big part in structuring and organizing our software development environment and developing and maintaining our applications. I can't say enough good things! Besides their knowledge, expertise and problem-solving skills, they care about our business. Recently, REA rewrote our dying Guard Clockin application during our busy season. We were up and running in 3 weeks - quietly! It's been a pleasure to work with the REA team.

Looking forward to growing together and continuing our partnership.

Maria Maskell

Chief Information Officer, American Pool

Nettwerk was looking for some help organizing our 20,000+ database of songs. These songs span over 700 artists with thousands of distinct products. REA helped us build a custom web-based system to organize all the product metadata and store all our digital assets, like album images, WAV files of music, etc.

We chose REA because of their technical expertise and breadth of their skillset. They have always been extremely easy to work with often suggesting changes we would not have thought of ourselves and yet quite willing to take direction from our technical team when a company mandated standard was required.

I would highly recommend REA as an excellent technical partner who will help you build the tools necessary to help your business function more smoothly.

Jason Currell

Director of Digital Operations, Nettwerk Music Group Inc.

We operate a ferry service in Newfoundland and Labrador and have been working with REA to completely overhaul our reservation/ticketing system. Their quick understanding of what we required and fast implementation of the changes needed was second to none. That project is winding down however our business has expanded, and we will be looking to REA to help us put the right system in place for the expansion. The team at REA has been very professional, knowledgeable and great to work with. We look forward to continuing the working relationship going forward.

REA came to us highly recommended and we pass that recommendation on.

Dave Leyden

Operations/SMS Manager, Woodward Group of Companies

Brimstone Allon Enterprises is a small private company in Maryland, USA. As a small business, we have to make every dollar count.

I have always resisted overhead and tried to partner with companies that matched our commitment to quality customer service. We had been using a developer for several years and were having a great deal of concern for our ability to meet our clients needs, as a result of the inconsistent work he was doing for us. I lost a very good business opportunity as a result of our developers poor work. 

REA Inc came to us through my son’s company. They had worked with REA for some time and were happy with the results. I decided to give them an opportunity. That was probably one of the best decisions I have made. It didn’t get me back the customer I lost, but it did put us in a great position to keep the ones we had and add new customers, with confidence we could serve and retain them. 

That change was made almost three years ago, and we have been extremely happy with the REA Team and their commitment to meeting our needs. The most rewarding aspect of the relationship is the ease of discussion and the understanding they have of what we want to accomplish. I know my business, what I need is a development team that knows how to get me there, REA has been that partner. We have two solid applications in the market as a result of REA’s work. We are finding more ways everyday to reach new customers because of our relationship. By the way they also saved me a lot of money!!!

Rick Valway

President, Brimstone Allon Enterprises, LLC

CWT has worked with REA Inc for 10+ years now – and we are always very happy with the results.

We sometimes have difficulty getting assigned the internal resources we need to complete development work on schedule as requested by our customers. When this happens – and we need to quickly scale up to complete a project, we reach out to REA. REA’s team have strong development expertise and are familiar with our application used to support Canadian Travel Advisors. They have been able to support the modernization of our web platform, bringing responsive elements to improve the UI. They also have Dot-Net expertise which has enabled the integration to other 3rd party platforms via webservices, like Travel GDS systems and the RBC Royal Bank RBC Rewards program.

 We are appreciative of REA’s customer centric attitude, and willingness to work with CWT systems and directives to complete projects on time and on budget. We can count on REA to be supportive even after a project is delivered, and to help us customize and keep the application correctly deployed when our platform changes or needs to be updated because of security constraints or enhancements. REA also follows our secure coding standards, which ensures code produced meets PCI standards and can meet audit requirements.

 Overall – we have been very pleased with REA – and recommend them for your next IT project.

Abel Rauch

Director, Product Solutions, North America, CWT—Vancouver