Our History

REA Inc. was founded in May 1998 with a focus on developing and further enhancing court case management software. In April 1999, REA was hired by the Ministry of the Attorney General to support Y2K.

Since 2000, REA has continued to expand its operations and staffing, including taking on client work in the United States. Service offerings focus on software development/consulting services, project management, mentoring, and server support (for applications only).

Over the years, REA has developed a few applications that are/will be offered on a subscription basis. One is MyClientSchedule, developed over the past eight years, that is geared toward businesses that schedule appointments with clients. Another is REVIZIT, developed and enhanced over the past nine years, an internal timesheet/project tracking/task assignment system that companies can use to as a means to record staff work hours, and provide invoicing and payroll details.

About REA

The truth is we get a lot of work from developers and development companies that have not been able to meet either the timing or the complexity of the project. Why?

REA Inc. is committed to constantly investing in its talent through training and research. We’re able to provide working examples of the software we’ve built using multiple development languages and we can provide programming support and maintenance services in multiple development languages. Our competitive edge is that we charge less than other contractors but can guarantee superior work and support. And we’re happy to use your stack of choice and make recommendations that help you meet the solution you’re envisioning.

Our services include

  • IT consulting
  • Application design
  • Software Development
  • Application redevelopment
  • Training

We Specialize in the Following Languages and Frameworks:

  • ReactJS, NodeJS, Type Script
  • Coldfusion
  • C#, ASP, VB.NET, VB6
  • PHP, Yii Framework
  • Alpha Software v10, v11 and AlphaAnywhere

We Are Experts in the Following Databases:

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Pervasive SQL
  • MySQL
  • Firebird