App Development

Demand for applications to perform specific business tasks is increasing in step with the advancing embrace of technology to simplify day to day operations while creating efficiencies.

Application Re-Development

REA Inc. Based out of Ontario, Canada, has a team of dedicated employees skilled in converting legacy applications into modern applications. We specialize in modern frameworks like PHP, ReactJS, .NET, Node.JS, and more.

My Client Schedule

My Client Schedule is an online CRM application businesses can use to schedule appointments and receive payments from patients or clients. It has a number of great features that will create efficiencies in your operations while saving you time and money.


Not every company has the internal experience necessary to efficiently navigate a particular program. As such, we provide specific programming training on AlphaSoftware™ or C#/VB.NET (we also provide training on the SUSTAIN – Case Management System™).

Do you have long term development needs that require new software or enhancements to existing software? Is your company growing and in need of new or enhanced development stacks?

REA offers full stack and software development as well as the following:

  • Business/systems analysis
  • Application/data base development and design (full stack/multi-platform)
  • User acceptance testing
  • Maintenance
  • Feature Development.

Our talented team is deep and diverse and responds to customer requests quickly and efficiently. In fact, our customers have come to rely on our expertise, affordable prices and the speed and quality of our work. And they love the fact that everything we do is built in Canada by Canadians.

We have been working with REA since 2015. They have been a big part in structuring and organizing our software development environment and developing and maintaining our applications. I can't say enough good things! Besides their knowledge, expertise and problem-solving skills, they care about our business. Recently, REA rewrote our dying Guard Clockin application during our busy season. We were up and running in 3 weeks - quietly! It's been a pleasure to work with the REA team.

Looking forward to growing together and continuing our partnership.

Maria Maskell

Chief Information Officer, American Pool

Our team is proficient in the following:


  • ReactJS, NodeJS, Type Script
  • Coldfusion
  • C#, ASP, VB.NET, VB6
  • PHP, Yii Framework
  • Alpha Software v10, v11 and AlphaAnywhere


  • Microsoft SQL
  • Pervasive SQL
  • MySQL
  • Firebird

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Server
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
  • Linux/Apache, cPanel, WHM

REA Inc. is an Ontario Government Vendor of Record authorized to support the needs of Clients who require Vendors to deliver on I&IT Projects from inception to completion.
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A Canadian Development Team

Finding a development team that speaks fluent English, and is located in a country like Canada, is challenging. Many businesses have outsourced to non-English speaking parts of the world, putting margin above strong communication.

The majority of our development team located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We speak fluent English, and we pride ourselves on our excellent, timely communication.

The team at REA Inc is trusted by both the Canadian public sector and private sector to deliver excellent application development services. Over our 25+ years servicing hundreds of clients, we have built a strong reputation among both Canadian and international clients.

Our portfolio of North American clients would agree that working with REA has made the difference for their application.

Advantages to Working with the REA Team

REA’s communication, flexibility, time zone, and commitment to ongoing service are the reasons that so many clients have worked with REA over the years. We have advantages that low-cost outsource shops simply cannot match:

English-speaking Canadian Team: If you are a business located in an English-speaking part of the world, like Canada or the United States, it can be frustrating to collaborate with development companies that do not hire native English speakers. Most of our team is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with a small consultancy presence in Vietnam.

Communication: When you work with REA, after our initial consultation you will work with a personal developer that will be in constant contact to make sure your application is written quickly, and exactly to spec.

Many Platforms: The team at REA is experienced with the most popular development platforms like .NET, ReactJs/NodeJs, NextJS, TypeScript, PHP, SQL, and more. We can build you a robust application with whichever platform you prefer.

Transparency: The team at REA will be transparent with all pricing before work is done. There are no surprises at REA. Cost adjustments are communicated as soon as we become aware of changes to your project requirements. You always get the final say.

Skilled with In-Demand Platforms

REA Inc is a software development company with experience working in the most popular web application platforms and languages today including:

  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • NextJS
  • ReactJS
  • Alpha Anywhere (Alpha 5, Alpha Software)

If the platform you’re interested in isn’t listed here, contact us so we can understand how much REA might be able to still help.


App Development

Our highly trained programmers have extensive knowledge of, and experience with the spectrum of programming languages. This allows us to work with you to define the project requirements that best meet your needs and budget.

App Redevelopment: 

We specialize in redeveloping old, legacy applications into modern, light-weight applications designed for modern business. 

Businesses which are hesitant to re-develop their legacy applications often find that the initial redevelopment cost is less than it would be to continue investing in their old application. This most often saves money long term.

Database Assistance

Need help with your database? The team at REA Inc has experiencing developing and managing the most popular database platforms, including: 

  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB 


We work with clients on an hourly basis through one-to-one sessions using remote meeting software. We can help you program or write code and explain what is being done.


Powerful Applications



REVIZIT is a high-level project management tool that allows you to assign tasks to employees and track their progress. It allows staff to enter timesheets against specific tasks, giving management the ability to see the number of hours worked per task/project. It also summarizes staff hours for payroll and attendance tracking.

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Entry Tracking is a COVID-19 application for offices and schools.  It allows you to monitor the entry of staff and/or students and confirm they are eligible for entry.  Staff or students can complete the forms before entering to allow for a quick verification and speed up entry processing.

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My Client Schedule

My Client Schedule is an online CRM application businesses can use to schedule appointments and receive payments from patients or clients. It has a number of great features that will create efficiencies in your operations while saving you time and money.

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Advantages of Node.JS

Advantages of Node.JS

Node.js has revolutionized the world of web development by bringing JavaScript, the programming language of the web, to the server-side. With its event-driven architecture and efficient handling of asynchronous programming, Node.js has become one of the top choices...

REA Adds two new PHP programmers to the team

REA Adds two new PHP programmers to the team

Welcome to Felix Chen and Suja Chackochan to the REA team.  Suja was a Web Developer in Montreal before heading to Toronto to find a new position.  She has a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications, and a Master of Engineering in VLSI Design and...