Businesses looking to create a strong application have various options. They can hire their own developers, use a development team in their country, or hire developers from different parts of the world. However, the quality of the work can differ based on factors like budget, communication, and how well the developers understand the organization’s goals.

Hiring internal developers is generally a good choice. They understand your organization’s goals and possess the skills you hired them for. Since they focus solely on your projects, there are fewer distractions. But, it might not be feasible for the long term if your organization doesn’t have a big budget or enough work to keep them busy. If they leave, there might be no one to take over, risking the loss of specific knowledge, and possibly requiring the application to be rewritten.

For many businesses, outsourcing to a third-party with the necessary development skills is a better option. Countries like the Philippines, Colombia, Ukraine, Poland, etc., are popular choices. However, if you’re in the US or Canada, working with a Canadian developer like REA often results in better work. Here’s why.

Canadian Applications Developers Speak Fluent English

While many outsourcing companies have employees who speak English, it’s not always their native language. In contrast, a Canadian application developer like REA has a team with native English speakers as points of contact. This brings several advantages, such as clear communication of objectives, better understanding of tones, and effective communication of slang.

High Quality Work

Some developers provide high-quality work, but in less expensive parts of the world, many development shops focus more on lowering costs than ensuring quality. While a Canadian developer may be more expensive, the higher cost often guarantees the best possible application quality. This involves using scalable languages for future development, fast web hosting, prioritizing security in design, and creating an attractive design.

Moreover, you can expect constant communication from the Canadian application developer throughout the process.

Similar Time Zone

For North American businesses, choosing a Canadian developer ensures they are in your same or a similar time zone. This makes communication easy, with someone available to answer your calls or emails during regular working hours. Customers can expect responses within a couple of hours and swift resolutions to any issues.

Strong Cultural Alignment with North American Customers

Canadian application developers, being North Americans, share common cultural understandings such as expressions, work ethics, expectations, interests, and shared experiences. Canada, being incredibly diverse with a large immigrant population, welcomes individuals with various unique perspectives. Many of these immigrants join Canadian application developers, adopting North American cultural values while contributing their own distinctive cultural experiences. This diversity makes them a joy to work with.


If you require additional services, such as web hosting, Canadian developers are likely to have connections with other reliable businesses local to Canada and the US. If you need a related service, talk to your Canadian application developer—they likely know someone who can assist.


Canadian application developers are fantastic to work with due to their native English proficiency, cultural alignment, shared time zone, commitment to high-quality work, and active participation in their professional community. If you’re considering collaborating with a team of Canadian developers, think about partnering with REA Inc. With over 20 years of experience, REA has been assisting businesses in building and redeveloping applications. Additionally, REA offers training and retention development services.